We escaped!

I’d heard great things about escape rooms and had always fancied giving it a go myself.

For Christmas I was given the fantastic gift of a weekend in Manchester, including an escape room! I went to Lucardo and did the Gem Runner escape game…

The aim of this particular room was to break into a bank vault, steal a diamond and escape the room, exciting huh?!

I consider myself a bit of a lateral thinker and a problem solver so I was looking forward to put that to the test. Your dropped into the room with the only instruction being, anything in this room can help you. 

For the first five minutes you are very aware that the staff are watching you frantic attempt to lift, move and look under everything in sight. Once past this feeling, you suddenly find that you have fully emerged yourselves into the spirit of things.

I don’t want to give too much away about what to expect but I absolutely loved the variety of the clues and they really did mean it when they said that anything and everything can help you.

We are already looking at visiting one of the escape rooms in Leeds and I would recommend it to anyone that hasn’t yet attempted to escape!

For anyone wondering, yes we escaped, with just over 10minutes left to spare. Can’t wait to go back!

Where it all began


I thought it was only fitting to write my first proper blog post in the first place I visited in Leeds.

It was back in November and I had just been for a job interview. My girlfriend was picking me up after work and so I had a whole day to kill.

I was walking up Albion Place and chose to ignore the more well known chains; Costa, Starbucks and Pret etc. My eyes fell upon Distinto, a small coffee shop with a friendly looking front.


It was when I got to the door i knew I had made the right choice, the café was at number 23 (a superstition of mine).

Today I was obviously feeling philosophical as I ordered the exact same as on that day in November, a flat white and slice of carrot cake.


After making it a personal crusade  to sample various carrot cakes across the city I must say this is one of my favourites. It comes with just the right amount of buttercream so that it doesn’t overpower the more gentle flavour of the moist cake!

The shop is family run and  this family feel shines through in the incredibly friendly service, they are always happy to offer advice on what to eat or drink.

I guess it holds special preference to me as I now work for the company I had interviewed for that morning. However biased I would undoubtedly recommened Distinto, a great place to escape the fast paced city centre.  Check them out on Facebook here –

My First Post

I think the best way for me to kick this off is for me to tell you why I’ve chosen to start a blog. I have wanted to start one for a long time now and for some reason kept putting it off.

So here is a quick list of reasons to finally start it up:

  • I’ve moved to a new place and want to share my experiences
  • My job requires me to write copy and I definitely need practice
  • Gives me yet another excuse to eat out at different restaurants
  • I’ve finally got a phone that takes good photos
  • It will reassure my old friends and family that I’m still alive

I am also taking inspiration from the ‘one line a day’ books (pictured) and the 100 days of happiness craze. The idea behind the book is that you write a one line summary of your day and the 100 days of happiness craze is where you post a daily photo of something that makes you happy (sickening I know!).

In theory I am going to combine these two ideas and post something everyday, whether it is a snapshot of my day, interesting thought I’ve had or more than likely a picture of food.