Byron Burger

It’s Friday, it’s been a long week. That just means one thing, going out for food and a couple of drinks.

Tonight we fancied somewhere chilled and settled on Byron Burger, a relaxed burger chain that, as their logo states,  serves proper burgers.

We got there, were seated quickly and, like the kids that we are, both ordered one of their shakes. I went for the Reese’s peanut butter shake and Amy an oreo one, both were delicious, made with proper ice cream and so thick that you could eat them with a spoon!

Burger wise, Amy settled on a standard Byron Burger and I was a little more adventurous and went for their current special, the Cluckosaurux Rex. Each month or so they rotate these specials and you should always expect something a little different.


The messy creation pictured above contained a fried chicken breast, onion ring, bacon, cheese, jalapenos, pickles, BBQ sauce and mayo. It was a bit difficult to eat and I ended up with hands covered in toppings but it didn’t matter as the flavours were great.

The only downside of the meal was the sides – I opted for the bacon and cheese fries (yeah I fancied being healthy tonight) and wasn’t that impressed to be honest! We also had a portion of sweet potato fries and these were unfortunately a little soft, I’m sure I’m not the only one that likes them crispy!

I’ve recently been to Almost Famous and couldn’t help but compare the two – despite a lovely meal with friendly staff, you still can’t beat Almost Famous in my eyes!

Where’s your favourite place for a burger? Let me know in the comments!



My first visit to La Bottega Milanese

I visited La Bottega Milanese (the one in The Light) after hearing good things about the coffee and as part of a project with @DiscoverLeeds.
I was immediately greeted with a friendly smile and warm welcome from the woman behind the counter. I chose a flat white and my partner a hot chocolate. The attention to detail on both the coffee and hot chocolate was incredible, having watched the drinks being made I could tell that the staff were incredibly passionate about the coffee as a great deal of care was taken with each. There is a wooden bench that runs the length of the store, it was surprisingly comfy and we were happy to sit just over an hour. I sampled a second drink, this time opting for an Americano and was once again impressed with its presentation. It is a good test of the coffee to drink it black as I often find some are over powering and require sugar or milk. The coffee was obviously incredibly high quality with a delicate taste and La Bottega Milanese coffee definitely lives up to its reputation for the best coffee in Leeds.

I spoke to the manager in between him serving other customers – always impressive to see a manager getting stuck in. He informed me that all coffee was roasted in Yorkshire and blended in house to retain the original flavours while adding their own Italian touch and they offer guest coffees from independent UK roasteries. The owner, Alex, opened the shop (originally on the Calls) after he noticed a gap in the market for good quality coffee in Leeds. His mantra is “if it’s not from Italy, it’s from Yorkshire” and this it not only represented in the coffee but also the fact that bread is from an independent baker and much of their produce is sourced from Leeds Markets.
Well worth a visit, I will be going back soon to try out one of their tasty looking sandwiches.